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In this Section we have included a number of Thesis about Mgr. Joseph de Piro,
presented by a number of M.S.S.P. members.


The Incarnational Aspect of the Spirituality of Joseph De Piro
Fr Tony Sciberras mssp


A man of poor health, who lived a relatively short life of fifty-five years, ten months, and fifteen days would not normally achieve what Mgr Joseph De Piro did, both in society in general and in the Church ­-local and universal- in particular. Key to this characteristic was disclosed by the Servant of God himself in his continuous reference to Psalm 126 (127),1: "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. Unless the Lord guards the city, the guard keeps watch in vain".


The Missionary Spirituality of Joseph De Piro

Fr Martin Cilia mssp

This study is concerned with the Missionary Spirituality of Joseph De Piro, founder of the Missionary Society of St. Paul. Attention is given to the particular culture and Christian tradition in which De Piro grew. The study proceeds on how De Piro lived the missionary charism by integrating contemplation and action within his life of prayer and his spirituality of ministry. Finally there is a pastoral focus on how the Missionary Society of St. Paul can live out this spirituality.


La Espiritualidad Misionera de José De Piro

Padre Martin Cilia mssp

A través de la historia de la Iglesia  el  espirito santo  inspira y llama a diferentes personas, de diferentes culturas, en diferentes épocas para ser profetas en su propio mundo. Fue un llamado a vivir el Evangelio de una manera que inspiro a otros a seguir  sus pasos. Cada fundador(a) recibe un carisma especial de Dios para ser específicamente entregado a la Iglesia en ese preciso momento de la historia. Como Jose de piro lo pone: era una nueva página y una nueva idea en la respuesta de uno al amor y al llamado de Dios.



The Servant of God, Joseph De Piro - Founder of the Missionary Society of St Paul
Fr Francis Ferriggi mssp

In this lecture, Francis draws on concrete examples from many different aspects of De Piro's rich and colourful life to help us understand who this man was. Francis refers to his attempt as a "very brief and incomplete sketch" of the life of "a very interesting man".


The Handling of Pauline Texts by the Servant of God, Joseph De Piro
Fr Mario Zammit Satariano mssp

In this dissertation Mario takes a close look at the homilies given by Joseph De Piro and finds out that whilst "he draws his inspiration from both Old and New Testaments, he attaches much importance to the Pauline epistles. This shows that he was imbued with the apostolic zeal that finds its driving force in the writings of the great apostle of the gentiles"


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